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To/From the Incheon International Airport(인천공항)

If you are not using taxis or call van services to the airport, either you will take an airport bus and subway/express train to the airport. Easiest route is taking 6101 bus at the Suyu Station Bus Stop and go all the way to the airport. Or you can take the subway from the Suyu Station and transfer to the Airport Express Line at Seoul Station. Then you will be heading to the airport. 

Here is the information on 6101 bus

and the information on the express train between Seoul Station and Incheon International Airport

If you have big luggage and you need taxi or van service, you can use the service of Mr. JH Kim at 011 9229 0572. In the past, we arranged this call van transportation for you. Now, if you would like, you can arrange your transportation to the airport or other places by yourselves. You can text him and he knows our location. He is very professional, honest, and expert in transportation to/from the airport. You should tell him about the discount for our tenants, which is KRW80,000 one way transfer with the toll of KR W7,500. Or we can still arrange it for you.