Our location is extremely convenient for commuting to major universities and English academies with our proximity to Subway (Metro, or Tube) and Bus Stops. 


The nearest subway station is Suyu Station (Station number 414) and it is only about 3-5 minute walk from the Studio. The station is on Line number 4 (Blue Line) and 12 stations away from Seoul Stations for KTX and Airport.

The nearest bus stop is Suyu 3 Dong Post Office and it is only 1 minute walk from the studio. Bus station number is 9001 for southbound and 9002 for northbound. Buses that stop here are Blue Buses with number 101, 106, 107, 108, 130, 141, 142, 150,160 and they go to the downtown area, Yoido, and the Gangnam area.

Suyu Station




Suyu 3 Dong Post Office Bus Stop