Neighborhood Map of Essential Things

We provide you with the map of neighborhood essentials so that you will be able to buy essential things after your arrival. Convenience stores and MacDonald's are open 24 hours so that late arrival should not deter you from going out. You can download the pdf file of the below picture.

Shopping in the neighborhood

Normal grocery shopping can be done at the Suyu Mart at the Intersection (about 2-3 minute walk) and grocery and personal items are also available at E-Mart at Mia Samgeory Station (Exit No. 4). You can probably buy anything that you will need to buy for your room at here. Also, Lotte Department Store is also at Mia Samgeory Station (Exit No. 1). Also, Hyundai Department Store (Exit 4 past the E-Mart)

Gireum-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul

Movie Theater

Megabox is the movie theater closest to our building. Only about 50 meters away! Just about 30 seconds walk from the Suyu 3 Dong Post Office, visible from our building. Also, you can go to CGV near the Mia 3 Gory Station.

MacDonald's at Suyu Station (They do deliver) 
The grocery store and market at the Suyu Intersection
  Night Club area (Suyu Station Exit 7)
 The Pizza Hut and Hair Shop at Suyu Station (also Starbucks are in the first floor and bowling on the third) 

Nearest Gym (only 30 second walk from our building)

This store sells everything for your household items. If you are too lazy to go to E-mart, you can come here.

The movie theater (Megabox)

Starbucks at Suyu Station

The Suyu 3 Dong Post Office (Just right behind our building)

This is "The Restaurant Street" slightly west off the Suyu Intersection and leading to our Suyu Studio

Hospital across the street


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Sep 10, 2012, 3:33 AM