Reservation/Contract Process - Contract Deposit (계약금)

Typical real estate deals  in Korea starts with Contract Fee (or Reservation Fee). If you like an apartment (by visiting in person) and want to guarantee your space at your desired move in date, you will need to put down something called Contract Fee (계약금) and begin writing a contract with personal information for both renter and landlord. The move in date can be any time after writing an contract and rooms become available. This contract fee is credited toward the security deposit. 

Since many of our tenants come from overseas and we would like to keep costs low, we enter into a contract through email if you are overseas or a meeting once you decided to rent an apartment through self tour if you are already in Korea. For instructions on how to do the self-tour of our apartments, please e-mail us.  

If you are directly coming from overseas and would like to be guaranteed an apartment by just looking at our websites' video and pictures, you will need to provide us with your personal information and arrival information. You probably want to specify an apartment number that you would like to move in and we try to get your first choice of your apartment. We put you on the reservation list with your personal information, arrival date, and flight number. Then, we will ask you for a Contract Deposit (계약금), and this should be done through bank transfer or paypal. As soon as you give us personal information, Contract Deposit, and your arrival info (arrival date and flight number), we will provide you with the bank information for international transfer and the contract. This Contract Fee (계약금) is credited toward the security deposit. 

If you are directly coming from overseas, we strongly recommend using taxi/van drivers who have been transporting our tenants over the past one year. The driver knows our location so that you can just relax on your way from the airport. Also, this will lessen anxiety on our part as well. We attached the sample contract (lease agreement). If you decide to reserve the apartment and decide to put down contract deposit while overseas, you will have different contract. Please take a look.

Suyu Studio,
Aug 4, 2013, 4:17 AM